February 25, 2007

  • Rock 'n Roll


    Dee Dee Ramone on how Marriott influenced him...

    "When I was a little boy I had a Steve Marriott haircut, Steve Marriott shoes and Steve Marriott pants. I was always dreaming of having a Steve Marriott guitar.  Later I'd discovered that Mick Jones and Joe Strummer of The Clash and Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols all listened to the same 25 long forgotten songs...like "Sha La La La Lee" by the Small Faces. And it was mostly because they had power chords in the songs instead of a guitar break. Steve Marriott of the Small Faces would shake his guitar around and just let it hummm. "

    source here

    The Small Faces not only influenced Dee Dee, but others as well...

    In fact, the band has played relatively unheralded but integral roles in the career's of other music superstars like Rod Stewart and Peter Frampton while having roles of lasting import on their more commercially successful compatriots The Who and The Stones. The influential impact of this cult group still resonates today via the music of diverse yet similarly brash artists like The Jam, Led Zeppelin, Pretenders, Quiet Riot, Blur, Oasis, X, Ramones, Buzzcocks, Clash, Sex Pistols, Black Crowes, Blondie, Wilco, Bon Scott, Shane MacGowan and Billy Bragg.

February 22, 2007


    Here’s the a list of 13 Places To Watch TV For Free Online:

    1. FreeTube (completely free alternative to cable television that lets you watch tv channels and TV shows online using just your browser.)

    2. Hiveproductions (lists shoutcast tv streams.)

    3. Tape it of the Internet (Over 2,000+ TV shows or 90,000+ episodes, including all the big shows like Lost, Prison Break, etc)

    4. Streamic (More then 300 real TV channels to choose from including NBC, ABC, ESPN, BBC1 and many more, organized in categories and ranked by the site users)

    5. TVlinks (A directory that amalgamates the most popular tv shows, cartoon & anime series.)

    6. PPStream (Sports, movies - all in one please. Just choose a show from the list of available channels)

    7. ABC (Watch popular shows like Lost, Desperate Houswives, Alias etc online)

    8. PeekVid (Over 700 episodes of popular shows such as 24, Buffy, Desperate Housewives, Family Guy. Shows can be downloaded)

    9. PPlive (a popular service for watching many foreign channels)

    10. TV-Video (All the latest TV shows as they aired including 24, Smallville, Prison Break, Lost etc)

    11. TVU Player (TVU is a nifty little player that offers users a variety of channels that can be used to watch normal TV or Sport. US channels are also found on this player.)

    Free (& Legal) Movies!


    Santa Claus Vs. The Martians here.

    Tons Of Movies For Free... Here


    Download and install Utorrent to download.

    It's free too.  See earlier post for link.

February 15, 2007

  • Drugs

    Miracle Drug & Cancer Cure

       "The New Scientist is reporting that researchers working at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada have discovered that an existing drug called dichloroacetate (DCA) is effective in killing cancer cells, while leaving the host's healthy cells unharmed.

        DCA has already been used for years to treat metabolic disorders, and is known to be fairly safe. Why is the mainstream news media failing to report on this potential breakthrough?

       The University of Alberta and the Alberta Cancer Board have set up a site with more info, where you can also donate to support future clinical trials.



    Pot, Cures Lung Cancer!!!

    Friday, May 26, 2006 (SF Chronicle)
    Researchers surprised to find no link between marijuana, lung
    cancer/Study's findings apply even to heavy pot smokers
    Marc Kaufman, Washington Post

       The largest study of its kind has unexpectedly concluded that
    smoking marijuana, even regularly and heavily, does not lead to lung cancer.
       The new findings "were against our expectations," said Dr. Donald
    Tashkin, a UCLA pulmonologist who has studied marijuana for 30 years.
       "We hypothesized that there would be a positive association between
    marijuana use and lung cancer and that the association would be more
    positive with heavier use," he said. "What we found instead was no
    association at all, and even a suggestion of some protective effect."
       Federal health and drug enforcement officials have widely used
    Tashkin's previous work on marijuana to make the case that the drug is dangerous.
    Tashkin said that while he still believes marijuana is potentially
    harmful, its cancer-causing effects appear to be of less concern than
    previously thought.
       Earlier work established that marijuana does contain cancer-causing
    chemicals as potentially harmful as those in tobacco, he said. However,
    marijuana also contains the chemical THC, which he said may kill aging
    cells and keep them from becoming cancerous.
       Tashkin's study, funded by the National Institutes of Health's
    National Institute on Drug Abuse, involved 1,200 people in Los Angeles who had
    lung, neck or head cancer and an additional 1,040 people without cancer
    matched by age, sex and neighborhood.
       They were all asked about their lifetime use of marijuana, tobacco
    and alcohol. The heaviest marijuana smokers had lit up more than 22,000
    while moderately heavy usage was defined as smoking 11,000 to 22,000
    marijuana cigarettes. Tashkin found that even the very heavy marijuana
    smokers showed no increased incidence of the three cancers studied.
       "This is the largest case-control study ever done, and everyone had
    to fill out a very extensive questionnaire about marijuana use," he said.
    "Bias can creep into any research, but we controlled for as many
    confounding factors as we could, and so I believe these results have
    real meaning."
       Tashkin's group at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA had
    hypothesized that marijuana would raise the risk of cancer on the basis
    of earlier small human studies, lab studies of animals and the fact that
    marijuana users inhale more deeply and generally hold smoke in their
    longer than tobacco smokers -- exposing them to the dangerous chemicals
    for a longer time. In addition, Tashkin said, previous studies found
    that marijuana tar has 50 percent higher concentrations of chemicals linked
    to cancer than tobacco cigarette tar.
       While no association between marijuana smoking and cancer was found,
    the study findings, presented to the American Thoracic Society
    International Conference this week, did find a 20-fold increase in lung cancer among
    people who smoked two or more packs of cigarettes a day.
       The study was limited to people younger than 60 because those older
    than that were generally not exposed to marijuana use in their youth, when
    itis most frequently tried.
    The original article can be found on SFGate.com here:

February 11, 2007

  • MPAA, RIAA & Copyrights

    Secondary infringement and the Copyright Act

    Some of you may remember Capitol Record v. Debbie Foster, where the RIAA sued an Oklahoma woman over copyright infringement. In July, the case against her was dismissed with prejudice, which, in the eyes of the judge, made her the prevailing party. Earlier today, the judge handed her another legal victory, awarding her "reasonable" attorneys' fees from the RIAA.

    The RIAA's strategy of keeping Foster as a defendant and saying that she was responsible for secondary copyright infringement appears to have backfired and was cited by the Judge as supporting his attorneys' fee award. Judge Lee was unconvinced by the the RIAA's argument that she was secondarily liable due to her owning the account allegedly used for the infringement.

    "The Copyright Act does not expressly render anyone liable for infringement committed by another. Rather, the doctrine of secondary liability emerged from common law principles," wrote Judge Lee. "Under those common law principles, one infringes a copyright contributorily by intentionally inducing or encouraging a direct infringement."

    Judge Lee set out the three elements of a claim for contributory copyright infringement: direct infringement by a third party, knowledge by the defendant that third parties were directly infringing, and substantial participation by the defendant in the infringement. "Merely supplying means to accomplish infringing activity [e.g., an Internet connection] cannot give rise to imposition of liability for contributory copyright infringement," according to the opinion.

    The record labels could not support their argument of secondary liability, according to the judge. Perhaps most importantly, Judge Lee could find no case "holding the mere owner of an Internet account contributorily or vicariously liable for the infringing activities of third persons."

    The judge also had harsh words for the RIAA, saying that it looked as though they had pressed the secondary infringement claims to force Foster into a settlement, even after they realized she was not responsible for the alleged file sharing.

    Source Here

January 13, 2007

  • Best Kuntry Ever



    The World's Smallest Kuntry.

    Sealand also known as HM Fort Roughs is one of four Guy Maunsell navy sea forts built in 1942 to protect the Thames estuary from enemy attack. After the war the forts were maintained for a few years until finally being abandoned by the British Navy.

    In the late 60's a similar fort known as Knock John was occupied by Roy Bates in aim of setting up a pirate radio station named Radio Essex which broadcast until Christmas 1966. The equipment from Knock John was later moved to Roughs Tower although the broadcasts never resumed. Later in 1967 Roy Bates claimed the fort which at the time wasn't in UK waters as an independent state and is still occupied today.

    Sealand provides many business opportunities because of it's freedom from laws, tax and government intervention which would make business difficult else where. The first company to make use of the county was called HavenCo who provided an offshore Data Haven.

    Donate To Help ThePirateBay Buy It.

December 12, 2006

  • Free (& Legal) Movies!


    Santa Claus Vs. The Martians here.

    Tons Of Movies For Free... Here


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    It's free too.  See earlier post for link.

  • Amerika, & The Future Of...

    People won't be happy until we're living "blissfully" in The Peoples Republik of Amerika. Where everyone is equal. Equal pay, equal clothes, equal electric cars, and equal houses. Equal waits in the dental, medical and bread lines. Equal non-denominational sanctioned religion.  And, a genderless society of demasculated castrati metrosexual males and Hillary Clinton type "females".

    sentence in italics added by the kaptain

    The future of America lies on one issue.  Read more here.


November 22, 2006

  • Minibikes Rule!



    There's this company out in California that sells minibike kits for less than 600 bux.

    These are classic oldskool throwback minibikes, not cheap microbikes made in china. They come with Tecumseh engines and all easily replaceable parts. Go to Bad Dawg by clicking here and see for yourself.

    Look on ebay for their listings or vistit their Ebay store here.

November 21, 2006

  • O-Qua-Tangin-Wan

    Qua Omsa Lagee Wann

     O-Qua Tangin Wann, Qua Omsa-La-Juwann


    My Name Is Riley Martin

    Hello. My name is...my name is...
    My name is...Riley Martin.
    Hello. My name is...my name is...
    My name is...Riley Martin.

    In 1953, near the Saint Francis River
    I heard a voice saying:

    O-Qua Tangin Wann
    Qua Omsa-La-Juwann
    O-Qua Tangin Wann
    Qua Omsa-La-Juwann

    If we seek the truth
    We shall find it.
    I'm delusional...marsupial.

    Extraterrestials...thousands if not millions.

    In the Biaviians'...civilization.
    It was a hell of a halluciation.
    He's crazy.

    My name is...my name is...
    My name is...Riley Martin.
    My name is...my name is...
    My name is...Riley Martin.

    More Here

    Famous Riley Martin Quotes:

    • "...and things of this nature."
    • "...and things like this."
    • "...and what have you."
    • "...and so forth and so on."
    • "...so to speak."
    • "...you understand."
    • "...you see."
    • "Ultimately,..."
    • "Oh, yeah! (chuckles)"
    • "Friend Martin..."
    • "I love ya man, shout out." (to callers to his show)
    • "OK, cool..." (preface to answering a "friendly" question)
    • "You're not gods 'cause for one thing... God ain't got no big head like Elmer Fudd." (to aliens)
    • "Now! ...uuuuuuuhhhhh"
    • "I have visually witnessed, in the physical, several life forms, intelligent life forms, aboard this great mother ship..."
    • "Bee-ahv-ee-uns"
    • "Targzissians are obviously reptilian."
    • "So, yes, the ship exists, and it belongs to the reptiles." (regarding a UFO sighting)
    • "Give Robin my love." (concluding voice message to Stern Show)
    • "O-Qua Tangin Wann... Qua Omsa Lagee Wann"
    • "This is Riley Martin, friend of the aliens."
    • "This is Riley Martin, author of the book The Coming of Tan."
    • "They can uh... set a headset on you, and download into your neurotronic syntaxes... uhhh various different... uh very complicated historical, uh and scientific equations and things of this nature... "
    • "Chocolate candy! Uhhh, oatmeal cookies, oatmeal cookies! Soda pop! Orange soda pop! And we be eatin' like dogs, man. For a while, anyway." (talking about the wonders on board the Great Mothership)
    • "The Greenhouse Effect, the melting of the poles, tsunamis, poisoning of the water table, cutting of the rainforests, overpopulation, new diseases man-made and not, wars and rumors of wars, hatred, karma... uh.. devilism... necromancy... you name it, it will all come down at one time, and will be the battle of the dark forces against, uh... the good forces of the Earth."
    • "I will check him out even if he returns in a Chevrolet, you know..." (referring to the mode of transportation Christ may choose for his return)
    • "Fafa Fooey, that's Baba Booey."