Month: November 2006

  • Minibikes Rule!



    There’s this company out in California that sells minibike kits for less than 600 bux.

    These are classic oldskool throwback minibikes, not cheap microbikes made in china. They come with Tecumseh engines and all easily replaceable parts. Go to Bad Dawg by clicking here and see for yourself.

    Look on ebay for their listings or vistit their Ebay store here.

  • O-Qua-Tangin-Wan

    Qua Omsa Lagee Wann

     O-Qua Tangin Wann, Qua Omsa-La-Juwann


    My Name Is Riley Martin

    Hello. My name is…my name is…
    My name is…Riley Martin.
    Hello. My name is…my name is…
    My name is…Riley Martin.

    In 1953, near the Saint Francis River
    I heard a voice saying:

    O-Qua Tangin Wann
    Qua Omsa-La-Juwann
    O-Qua Tangin Wann
    Qua Omsa-La-Juwann

    If we seek the truth
    We shall find it.
    I’m delusional…marsupial.

    Extraterrestials…thousands if not millions.

    In the Biaviians’…civilization.
    It was a hell of a halluciation.
    He’s crazy.

    My name is…my name is…
    My name is…Riley Martin.
    My name is…my name is…
    My name is…Riley Martin.

    More Here

    Famous Riley Martin Quotes:

    • “…and things of this nature.”
    • “…and things like this.”
    • “…and what have you.”
    • “…and so forth and so on.”
    • “…so to speak.”
    • “…you understand.”
    • “…you see.”
    • “Ultimately,…”
    • “Oh, yeah! (chuckles)”
    • “Friend Martin…”
    • “I love ya man, shout out.” (to callers to his show)
    • “OK, cool…” (preface to answering a “friendly” question)
    • “You’re not gods ’cause for one thing… God ain’t got no big head like Elmer Fudd.” (to aliens)
    • “Now! …uuuuuuuhhhhh”
    • “I have visually witnessed, in the physical, several life forms, intelligent life forms, aboard this great mother ship…”
    • “Bee-ahv-ee-uns”
    • “Targzissians are obviously reptilian.”
    • “So, yes, the ship exists, and it belongs to the reptiles.” (regarding a UFO sighting)
    • “Give Robin my love.” (concluding voice message to Stern Show)
    • “O-Qua Tangin Wann… Qua Omsa Lagee Wann”
    • “This is Riley Martin, friend of the aliens.”
    • “This is Riley Martin, author of the book The Coming of Tan.”
    • “They can uh… set a headset on you, and download into your neurotronic syntaxes… uhhh various different… uh very complicated historical, uh and scientific equations and things of this nature… “
    • “Chocolate candy! Uhhh, oatmeal cookies, oatmeal cookies! Soda pop! Orange soda pop! And we be eatin’ like dogs, man. For a while, anyway.” (talking about the wonders on board the Great Mothership)
    • “The Greenhouse Effect, the melting of the poles, tsunamis, poisoning of the water table, cutting of the rainforests, overpopulation, new diseases man-made and not, wars and rumors of wars, hatred, karma… uh.. devilismnecromancy… you name it, it will all come down at one time, and will be the battle of the dark forces against, uh… the good forces of the Earth.”
    • “I will check him out even if he returns in a Chevrolet, you know…” (referring to the mode of transportation Christ may choose for his return)
    • “Fafa Fooey, that’s Baba Booey.”


  • Two most kewest studs on the net, ever.

    Here and Here