June 9, 2007

  • Top Albums Of All Time*

     (*According to the Kaptain):

    • Kinks – Muswell Hillbillies/Village Green Preservation Society (“It is 100 years out of its time — one way or the other.”)/Percy/Everybody’s In Showbiz.    
    • Johhny Thunders – LAMF/So Alone
    • Ronnie Lane – Anymore For Anymore/Slim Chance/See Me
    • Faces – Ooh La La
    • Jerry Lee Lewis – The Complete Palomino Club Recordings
    • Elton John – Friends/Tumbleweed Connection
    • Humble Pie – Eat It
    • Black Sabbath – Vol. 4
    • Dee Dee Ramone – I.C.L.C. EP 1994
    • The Cramps - Smell of Female
    • Ramones – Ramones/Ramones Leave Home, Rocket To Russia
    *List Still In Progress.
    Ok, let’s be honest, I got a Kinks bias.  So.  face it, they’ve put out more quality material than anybody and I could think of more of their lps to put on the list so don’t get me going.  If you think this ain’t so, then you most likely never listened to most of their stuff.

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