Month: January 2007

  • Best Kuntry Ever



    The World’s Smallest Kuntry.

    Sealand also known as HM Fort Roughs is one of four Guy Maunsell navy sea forts built in 1942 to protect the Thames estuary from enemy attack. After the war the forts were maintained for a few years until finally being abandoned by the British Navy.

    In the late 60′s a similar fort known as Knock John was occupied by Roy Bates in aim of setting up a pirate radio station named Radio Essex which broadcast until Christmas 1966. The equipment from Knock John was later moved to Roughs Tower although the broadcasts never resumed. Later in 1967 Roy Bates claimed the fort which at the time wasn’t in UK waters as an independent state and is still occupied today.

    Sealand provides many business opportunities because of it’s freedom from laws, tax and government intervention which would make business difficult else where. The first company to make use of the county was called HavenCo who provided an offshore Data Haven.

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