March 16, 2007

  • The Police

    I am not a lawyer but this should work:

    1.  all you have to do is provide documentation (reg, ins. card, and license) and,

    2. possibly provide name (they can use pretense of reasonable suspicion to establish grounds for demanding it), but technically you don’t even have to give your name and you never have to give your name on the street when asked (only in the car as on the street you can simply walk away and they can’t do anything to you).

    3.  that’s it.

    4. the thing to do is to ONLY provide documents when asked and to automatically say the following “i don’t wish to be detained, to discuss my affairs, nor consent to searches, am i free to go?” at this point the officers can ONLY run your plate, license, reg and insurance card (and your record) and then that is it, they must let you go unless they already have enough to make the arrest which they don’t, if they’ve tried to asked you questions.  See, you’ve established that you do not wish to talk or consent, and at that point any decision to arrest must be made with the evidence already gathered.  To detain or question you further is a violation of your fourth and fifth amendements rights since you’ve established that you wish to leave.  So NEVER answer questions, YOU DON’T HAVE TO but most people don’t realize that.  So, at a stop or checkpoint when they say where are you coming from, you go right to the “i don’t wished to be detained…” statement and at that point they can only run your documents and must make a decision based soley on evidence at that point.  There is no reason to offer them more.

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